Everything You Need To Know About Disposal Of Solid Waste

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With the UK striving to meet its obligations under the EU Landfill Directive, disposal of solid waste is an area which is gradually coming under the increasing scrutiny. It’s time every household and business owner all throughout the world embraces solid waste management to make the society a better place for all. Wondering what the disposal of solid waste is all about? Read on.

Solid waste management is a term which is used to refer to the method of collecting and treating solid waste. It even offers solutions for recycling items which neither belong to garbage nor to trash. Effective management of waste is all about how solid waste can be changed and utilised as a valuable resource.

Here’s all you need to know about the disposal of solid waste!

solid waste disposal

Effects Of Poor Solid Waste Management

Owing to improper waste management, particularly by the municipal waste management groups, wastes keep increasing and soon become a trouble. When people clear their houses and offices, they end up littering their surroundings. This way, they affect the community and environment at large.

Dumping of waste materials improperly forces biodegradable materials to rot and decay under unhygienic, improper and uncontrolled conditions. Just after a few days of decomposition, a poor odour is produced from that area. Soon it becomes a breeding ground for various types of diseases, causing infectious organisms and insects. What’s more, it even affects the aesthetic value of the area.

What Are The Various Types Of Solid Waste?

  • Decomposable food waste
  • Dead animals
  • Waste from mining
  • Trees and construction debris
  • Sewage treatment solids
  • Crop manure and animal manure
  • Industrial waste like paint, chemicals and sand

Different Methods Of Solid Waste Management

1. Recovery & Recycling
Recovery or recycling of resources is the method of taking the useful yet discarded items for further consumption. This process of waste disposal reduces the consumption of new material, energy loss and reduction of landfills.

2. Sanitary landfill
Sanitary landfill is the most popular method of solid waste management used today. Garbage is spread out in thin layers, compressed and covered with plastic foam. When the landfill gets full, it is covered with several layers of clay, sand, topsoil and gravel for preventing water seepage.

Effective solid waste management is a vital aspect of environmental conservation which must be observed by companies and households globally. Time to keep your environment clean!

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